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Alun started off playing in rock and metal bands which rehearsed a lot but never actually gigged until he met guitarist Ian Simmons in the early 90's and joined Nothing Personal, a jazz-rock 5 piece featuring Ian's brother Steve on sax. This band played various festivals, including the Vienne Jazz Festival in'94, and played many club gigs ( often to no-one) This band was then largely responsible for everything that followed...

Through Steve Simmons,he joined Fat Barry's Soul Band, a Welsh Commitments/Blues Brothers style act that he played with for several years,leaving in 1999. Steve was also playing with rock group Karnataka, which ultimately led to friendships that led to Alun being asked to join Panic Room when Karnataka dissolved.He recorded two albums with Panic Room, including the award winning "Satellite" which included writing credits on "Black Noise" and "The Great Divide".

Through Nothing Personal, Alun also met jazz pianist Dave Cottle who runs the hugely successful Swansea Jazzland club. This collaboration has led to Alun playing with some of the finest players on the UK jazz scene as well as backing visiting musicians from Europe and the US.

Alun is a busy recording artist, producing a string of solo releases in addition to playing on albums by artists in the UK and,thanks to the internet, Europe and the US.

Alun is proud to endorse Elixir Nanoweb bass strings and the Hartke VXL Bass Attack preamp.

For all things Alun related, please visit Alun Vaughan.Com